RomanceRug™ - The Liquid-Resistant Blanket

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Color: Black
Size: XS (50x70cm)
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Product Description

The Ideal Bedding Solution: Keep Your Bed Spotless and Dry

Let us introduce you to: The RomanceRug™! A specially crafted blanket that keeps your mattress safe from any potential spills.

What’s its unique selling point? Despite being fully waterproof, it’s incredibly comfy and snug!

Say goodbye to worries about nasty niffs. A doddle to clean. Absolutely waterproof.

Loved by couples:

Keeps Germs Away and Feels Like a Dream Regular towels can get soggy quick and might be a breeding ground for germs.

The RomanceRuggets rid of all your worries while making things comfy with its top-drawer, soft material. Give it a go!

With & without RomanceRug

Why RomanceRug?

Discover why you should pick RomanceRug over other blankets.

More than 35,000 couples have already made the switch! 

With over 94% of them giving the RomanceRug ™ a big thumbs up!

Not chuffed? We’ll give you your money back!

Try our RomanceRug with complete peace of mind thanks to our satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not totally over the moon, we’ll give you a full refund, no quibbles.

Give it a whirl today and see the difference for yourself!

💧 100% waterproof

🕯️ Cozy & romantic

🧸 Lay blanket, remove, clean

🧼 Effortless cleaning

✅ 2 years leak-proof guarantee

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