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Product Description

Become the wizard or witch you’ve always wanted to be with the Magic Wand. Crafted with precision and finesse, this sleek wand embodies mystical power, allowing you to cast mesmerizing spells. Whether you're a fan of wizardry or seeking a captivating gift, ignite your imagination with the Magic Wand today

Brandish your magic wand and shout "Incendios"

Craft enchanting moments with your nearest and dearest. Arm your wand and cast a spell, witnessing the delight on the faces of your family and mates!

Say the magic Spell INCENDIO 🔥 and summon this fire charm that will leave everyone in SHOCK!💥 Fireballs are so real. It uses special flash paper that disappears in seconds after the shot, it will leave your friends speechless!

Our flash paper fireballs evaporate in the air with no trace. No sparks, no embers and no ash! Furthermore our wands feature safety toggle switches which prevent the wand from shooting at the wrong time. Perfect for switching between cosplay prop and casting spells!



Frequently Asked Questions

What's included?

1x Magic Wand

1x USB charging cable

1x Instructions Sheet

2x Disclaimers Sheet

2x Flash Paper 

1x Gaff

1x Standby Battery

How does it work?

Our Magic Wand ignites the flash paper and shoots it out of the opening. It is triggered by a button at the handle. It is powered by a chargeable battery. Please follow all the instructions and disclaimers on the instruction sheets. 

Disclaimer: Our Wand is a professional magic prop, not a toy for children. It is strictly for adult use only. Do not shoot near or at any flammable products or materials such as gasoline. Do not shoot near or at humans or animals. Read all instructions and disclaimers which can be found on the instruction sheets we provide. Please ensure you read all of the disclaimers and warnings we provide before using the magic wand. For your safety, please use the wand strictly in accordance to the safety guidelines. We will not be responsible or liable for any damage or harm caused by noncompliance.

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