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Product Description

Revolutionize Your Health With this Incredible Capsule.


Actual Life-Changing Effects Seen in Diorfy™ Ultraslim Users:


  • Jonell Ernestine, lost 20 pounds with  Diorfy™ Ultraslim: “"After two childbirths and intimacy, my vaginal health worsened, impacting my body and relationship. Ultraslim capsules, recommended by a friend, improved my vaginal health, energy, and led to losing almost 20 pounds. This transformation boosted my confidence and marriage.''


  • Kayla Kingsron, lost 29 pounds with Diorfy Ultraslim™: "My overweight body made me feel tired and immobile, so I was looking for a way to lose weight. A friend who used Ultraslim recommended it to me a few months ago, and this unique weight loss method has made a significant difference in my weight within three months. Thanks to Ultraslim, I have a beautiful body again!"

The Scientists Behind the Diorfy Ultraslim™ Formula


"The Diorfy Ultraslim Research Team: Collaborative Product Development with the University of Munich's Health Research Lab. Endorsed by the Federal Office for Nutrition and Medicinal Products (BfArM) and acclaimed with multiple global medical certifications and awards. Ultraslim innovation gained endorsement from prominent medical professionals in Germany and the USA."

100% Natural Ingredients, Health and Safety


Inside every Diorfy™  Ultraslim Capsule you'll find:

Wild Yam: The wild yam root is renowned for its rich estrogenic properties and is often used for vaginal tightening, as well as treating various gynecological conditions such as menstrual disorders, menopausal symptoms, and ovarian cysts.

Mugwort: Contains bitter compounds like sesquiterpene lactones and plays a crucial role in detoxification and purification functions.

Green Tea: The catechins found in green tea enhance the metabolism of body fat and its burning process. Ultraslim has specifically included a 30% concentration of catechins to amplify fat burning by over 5 times, aiming for rapid weight loss.

Toxins tend to accumulate more readily in the body's intimate areas.

Due to the unique physiological structure of women, toxins tend to accumulate more easily in the uterus and vagina, manifesting primarily through vaginal odor, itching, dryness, sagging, dull color, abnormal discharge, and frequent inflammations. This often leads to various gynecological disorders that bring significant changes to the body and psyche, seriously affecting the intimate lives of couples.

Diet alone is not sufficient for weight loss.

In the year 2022, the Institute of Health Research at the University of Munich examined +10,000 obese individuals in Europe and found that 97% of them exhibited dangerously high levels of toxins in their bodies, 57 times higher than the normal levels. This is because toxins disrupt the normal functioning of the endocrine system, which plays a vital role in controlling weight, appetite, and energy balance. Disruption of the hormonal system can significantly lead to increased appetite and reduced energy expenditure, resulting in weight gain and obesity. Moreover, toxin accumulation can double fat formation and promote the growth of fat cells.

Ultraslim Helps you Regain a Beautiful Body and a Healthy Vagina.

How does the Ultraslim capsule work?


The Ultraslim weight loss capsule can be inserted into the vagina using your fingers, where it dissolves and gets absorbed by the vaginal mucosa. This product aims to repair damaged mucous membranes and elastic fibers in the vagina while enhancing the self-cleansing function of the uterus and vagina.

With regular use, it can aid in eliminating bodily waste and contribute to a healthy, firm, and youthful-looking vagina.


  • Clean your private parts and keep them moist.
  • After washing your hands, insert the capsule 7 cm deep into the vagina with your fingers.
  • The capsule is naturally digested until it disappears.
  • Instructions: Take 1 capsule every two days

What can Ultraslim do for you?


✅ Achieve weight loss and attain a beautifully slim body.
✅ Tighten and firm the vagina, enhancing the quality of your sexual life.
✅ Detoxify the body and achieve better skin.
✅ Reduce and prevent gynecological diseases.
✅ Alleviate concerns related to menopause.
✅ Enhance the quality of sleep.


Your order today is protected by our 60-day 100% money-back guarantee.If you are not amazed at how quickly your deep stubborn fat stores melt away into pure energy or are astonished as you admire your new toned slim body in the mirror...Then at any time in the next 60 days, let us know, and we'll refund every single penny of your investment. No questions asked.

Even more customers are sharing their success with Diorfy™ Ultraslim capsules!:

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