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Product Description

As one ages, the body's natural synthesis of Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and Ceramides diminishes, with a more pronounced decrease occurring in one's 30s. This leads to the onset of skin aging, characterized by the emergence of wrinkles, dryness, an uneven complexion, and reduced skin elasticity.


Designed for addressing facial and bodily wrinkles, the B5 Face Serum has been developed to promote cellular rejuvenation, aiding in the reversal of the aging process.




Infused with a potent dosage of Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and Tranexamic Acid, Niacid prompts the dispersion and release of accumulated melanin pigments (brown spots) from a singular area of the skin. Additionally, it addresses the presence of dark red or purplish marks (post-inflammatory erythema), which result from blood vessels near the skin's surface becoming dilated during instances of inflammation. Niacid's action involves gently contracting these expanded blood vessels, while also soothing any residual redness through the application of Sodium Guaiazulene – a crystalline compound sourced from Blue Tansy, belonging to the Chamomile family.


Intense inflammation leads to the degradation of underlying skin tissues, culminating in the formation of atrophic scars marked by indentations. Within Niacid's formulation, Italian Snail Secretion is carefully processed to facilitate the proper arrangement of the skin's extracellular matrix (ECM). This process involves generating new tissue in areas where loss has occurred, ultimately leading to a reduction in the depth of these indentations. Furthermore, Niacid facilitates a healthy exfoliation of the skin's surface, stimulating the proliferation of fresh skin cells. This concerted effort accelerates the creation of new skin tissue, contributing to the expeditious regeneration process.


The Scutellaria Root, a medicinal herb, and Galactomyces ferment work in combination to provide essential, readily absorbable nutrients. Concurrently, Sodium Hyaluronate, tailored to a specific molecular size, remains in close proximity to the skin's surface. This strategic positioning enables it to attract and retain hydration, thus fortifying the skin's moisture barrier.

Before we introduce our product, let's look at our happy customers.

Naomi Doyle of age 53 submitted this photo on her journey with B5 Face Serum after using it for 6 weeks. 

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"For the past 3 years, my husband has been pursuing a divorce due to the effects of aging on my skin. Upon a dermatologist's suggestion, this Serum has brought about a remarkable transformation in just 6 weeks. My face, marred by the consequences of smoking, exhibited deep lines around my lips, both above and below. The right side of my face appeared parched and withered, resembling a dried prune, while the left side shared a similar but somewhat less severe condition. Employing the Serum over a span of approximately 6 weeks has led to a significant reduction in wrinkles around my eyes and lips. My complexion has become rosier and exudes a sensation of heightened collagen content upon touch. The overall health and tightness of my skin have improved noticeably. At 53 years of age, I can finally regard my reflection without harboring self-disdain. This transformation has enabled me to embark on a new and happier chapter in my personal relationships."

Marlene Rivera

"After investing more than £1,000 and countless hours at a skin pigmentation clinic over a span of 2 years, I observed only minimal progress. It was at this juncture that a friend suggested the B5 Face Serum as a solution for wrinkle reduction. Considering I was nearing the end of my previous approach, I decided to give it a shot. Much to my astonishment, I noticed an improvement in the brightness of my skin. As I continued to utilize the serum, approximately 4 bottles in total, my complexion grew increasingly radiant. Notably, my wrinkles and most prominent dark spots have faded to an astounding 99% reduction. I'm committed to maintaining its usage in order to fully restore my skin to a more youthful state!"

Susanne Lewis


"I've never encountered a serum as remarkably effective as this one. This photo was captured a mere 6 days after I started using it!!! It's unbelievable how closely I resemble my friends who are a decade younger. It's almost like stumbling upon the Fountain of Youth, jokingly! My introduction to this serum occurred through an aesthetician at my dermatologist's clinic, and I'm enthralled by how it breathes life into my skin. The visible 'lift' it imparts to my skin is truly remarkable, all without leaving a greasy residue. I'm committed to its continued use as I work towards restoring my skin to a more youthful state!"


Dr. Diane possesses the distinction of being a board-certified dermatologist and an expert in the field of dermatology with over three decades of involvement in the beauty sector. Renowned for her expertise in skin health, she stands out for her commitment to achieving and preserving authentically natural skin appearances through the utilization of cutting-edge cosmetic procedures and advanced dermatological technologies.


In 2023, the B5 Face Serum holds the distinction of being regarded as the most potent anti-aging solution, and it comes with the strong endorsement of Dr. Diane. The noteworthy aspect is that this effectiveness is achieved without resorting to surgical interventions. Addressing fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation need not entail exorbitant costs or invasive procedures. The B5 Face Serum incorporates a high concentration of active ingredients, all designed to enhance and mitigate the visible markers of aging. As a result, your skin emerges with enhanced firmness, plumpness, and a rejuvenated, youthful appearance.


A Remarkable Elixir for Reversing Aging Signs!

Consider the B5 Face Serum as an equivalent to a non-intrusive facelift, imparting a radiant youthfulness while targeting indicators of aging and the effects of free radical damage. Among its accomplishments are the mitigation of forehead lines, crow's feet, nasolabial folds, and irregular skin texture and tone. The serum's potent formulation takes on the role of infusing lines and wrinkles with intense moisture, imbuing them with a plumper appearance, while simultaneously infusing radiance and luminosity. Furthermore, it accelerates the rate at which skin cells renew, a process that prompts the uppermost skin layer to generate new cells. This intricate mechanism contributes to the reduction of age spots and uneven pigmentation, culminating in a more uniform complexion.



Enriched with Botulinum toxin, a compound renowned for its application in botox injections, this potent serum demonstrates remarkable efficacy in minimizing facial fine lines and wrinkles. The presence of cosmetic Botulinum toxin translates into the attenuation and gradual fading of forehead furrows, frown lines, and the crow's feet that form in proximity to the eyes.


ACETYL HEXAPEPTIDE-8 (commonly known as Argireline)

Considered also an excellent, non-invasive alternative to Botox. Restores the skin's natural water barrier, and helps bind water to the skin, improving dry skin. It also helps to improve skin elasticity.



Functioning by triggering your body's inherent capacity to generate collagen, Collagen Peptide takes on the role of promoting the creation of additional structural proteins that contribute to skin integrity. This includes elastin and fibrillin, which collectively aid in upholding the skin's structural framework.


The Anti-Aging Advantages of the B5 Face Serum:

  • Presents a non-intrusive substitute for Botox injections.
  • Enhances the firmness and lift of drooping skin while augmenting its suppleness.
  • Diminishes the prominence of forehead furrows, frown lines, crow's feet, and more.
  • Seals moisture within your skin, heightening its overall texture, complexion, and vitality.
  • Illuminates hyperpigmentation and age spots.
  • Amplifies the production of collagen, fostering skin's natural resilience.
  • Leaves a protective shield that prevents dryness and moisture loss, guarding against harm caused by free radicals.


"The Youthfully B5 Face Serum effortlessly erased a decade from my face! Its remarkable effects completely revamped my skin's texture, erasing deep lines and wrinkles. My complexion has become incredibly smooth and plump, surpassing its previous state. Moreover, the dryness and lackluster appearance that plagued me throughout the winter have been entirely eliminated." - Margot Smith, lifestyle content creator



THE ANTI-AGING SERUM Meet Laureen, a 58-year-old individual grappling with the effects of skin aging such as facial lines, age spots, and wrinkles on her forehead. Despite trying numerous beauty products that promised to combat aging, she witnessed no tangible results. Encouraged by a friend, she decided to give the B5 Face Serum a shot!

Initial Day: Right from the initial application of the Anti-Aging Serum, I sensed a plumping sensation that seemed to amplify my skin's moisture levels. The texture of my face turned velvety to the touch, accompanied by a noticeable radiant sheen.


Day 7 Update: A mere week into using the West&Month Anti-Aging Serum, I was astounded to find my forehead lines and eye wrinkles vanishing into thin air. The serum even worked its magic on enhancing my skin's overall texture. Each day, my skin retained a well-hydrated feel, and astonishingly, this beauty regimen managed to diminish pigmentation all across my face in just seven days. Truly remarkable!


Day 14 Progress: The transformation continues as wrinkles and sagging skin have become things of the past. It's as if the potent ingredients in this serum are akin to a botox treatment, as they've effectively revitalized and firmed my skin. Those once-prominent wrinkles have adopted a fuller appearance, and the fine lines have noticeably receded. The West&Month Anti-Aging Serum has undeniably left a lasting impression on me. It's now an essential fixture in my skincare routine. Grateful for this remarkable product!



  • Shelf Like: 6 Years
  • Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place away from light



Net Weight: 30ml (30g)


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